Antarctica: The Last Continent (2018) - Day 6

Day 6 – Tuesday, November 6th– Buenos Aires to Ushuaia
(Steve writing) Another travel day, which meant getting up early, checking out, and getting down to the breakfast room at 7:30 (when they opened). One thing we managed to do was to put everything we wouldn’t be needing on the next portion of our trip (Mexican souvenirs, sport coats, etc.) into a bag and having the hotel hold it until our return late next week.
We quickly ate another delicious breakfast and called for an Uber. Five minutes was the expected arrival, so we went outside with our bags. Two minutes before arrival, the driver canceled. Another one automatically picked it up, and the exact same thing happened. Happily, the third driver, Edison, managed to show up. The in-town airport, Aeropuerto Jorge Newbury, that is supposedly 15 minutes away, took us nearly a half-hour to reach through morning traffic.
There were long lines for check-in (at least with hometown airline Aerolineas Argentinas). I think Allan and I are so …

Antarctica: The Last Continent (2018) - Day 5

Day 5 – Monday, November 5th – Buenos Aires
(Steve writing) Today was our first non-travel day since we started the trip. That meant we could actually sleep in and enjoy the day at our leisure. We headed downstairs for breakfast at around 10:30, and sit outside in the beautiful courtyard of the hotel. The skies were clear, the air temperate, and the birds were serenading us with morning song. What a glorious day!
Our cute and friendly waiter told us that breakfast was in two parts: the first was a standard issue of yogurt mixed with granola, nuts, apples, and cornflakes, three kinds of bread, two kinds of juices (orange and watermelon), and a hot beverage of our choosing (coffee for Allan, cafĂ© con lechefor me). The second part of breakfast was your choice of a hot dish. I had a cheese omelet, and Allan enjoyed scrambled eggs with cheese. We almost had the courtyard to ourselves, and it was a most enjoyable and relaxed breakfast.
After breakfast, we decided to head out and explore some…

Antarctica: The Last Continent (2018) - Days 3 and 4

Day 3 – Saturday, November 3rd – Mexico City to Santiago de Chile
(Steve writing) Having had to wake up at 5AM the prior day, we enjoyed sleeping in a bit this morning. When we awoke, the skies were clearer and we could now see further across the valley of the city:

We headed out for breakfast to place called “Debbie & Peponne” (Campos Eliseos No. 189), about a block away in the tony Palanco district. They advertise themselves as “healthy food and bakery”, and no sooner had we been seated were we offered a selection from a cornucopia of baked goods: muffins, croissants, and such. Allan had a muffin and I had a croissant. Sorry to say, the latter was missing the delightfully flakey layers that make or breaks a good croissant. It was more akin to a Safeway-bought variety.
On the plus side, the coffee was good and the service pleasant. We also ordered egg dishes, and these were done nicely. It seems one just doesn’t order coffee here and expect drip: it’s either an Americano (espresso…